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Your Denture Options

Posted on 9/17/2018 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
Woman smiling with denturesIf you've lost teeth or are facing extractions, Dr. Michael Bleyzer offers wonderful denture options in his Pomona, NY, office and serving the Stony Point and Rockland County area. Once again, you can smile, eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life as these lifelike dental prosthetics restore your oral function.

Tooth loss

The American College of Prosthodontists states that 120 million Americans have lost at least one permanent tooth. Others have lost multiple or even all of their teeth because of accident, decay, or gum disease. Gapped smiles are not only embarrassing, but they affect the amount of gum tissue and bone in the jaw. Reduced bite height and facial aging are common when people don't replace missing teeth.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Bleyzer has tackled this problem by offering premier tooth replacement options perfect for a patient's preferences, health, and family budget. An expert in implant dentistry, Dr. Bleyzer has years of training in tooth loss and replacement. He can examine your teeth and gums and arrive at a treatment plan suited to your needs and preferences.

Denture options

A denture is a removable or implant-supported tooth replacement made of acrylic and sometimes metal. Custom-made according to photos, oral impressions, X-rays, and more, dentures are designed to fit well and to bite and chew as normally as possible.

At his office, Dr. Bleyzer places these types of modern dentures:

Partial dentures.

These removable appliances replace one, two, or more missing teeth. The artificial, or ponitc, teeth are fashioned from lifelike acrylic and fused to a metal frame. Clasps hold the partial to adjoining natural teeth.


They replace one, two, or more teeth and ft over remaining natural teeth. Also called tooth-supported dentures, they are fully removable.

Immediate full dentures.

Crafted from gum- and tooth-colored acrylic which is realistic and durable, these dentures are placed right after tooth extraction so the patient leaves the office with a complete smile. The pressure of the appliance aids healing; however, after bone and gums shrink, these dentures must be resized for proper fit and function.
Conventional dentures. After gums have healed, Dr. Bleyzer places these full dentures. Because tissues have already reduced in size, the appliances fit well right away.

Implant-supported dentures.

Resting on two, four, or more strategically placed titanium implants, these removable or fixed dentures afford the best in appearance, feel, and function. Also, the dental implants keep the jawbone dense and strong.
Life with dentures

While it takes a bit to adjust to speaking, smiling, and eating with any denture, you'll be pleased with how normal your appearance and oral function is once again. Be diligent about oral hygiene at home, and see Dr. Bleyzer twice a year for exams and cleanings. Of course, if you have any problems with your new teeth, call the office for an appointment.

Smile well again and look your best, too. You have great options with dentures from Dr. Bleyzer and his team serving the Stony Point, Rockland County, and Pomona, NY, area. Call (845) 429-8060.
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