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Teaching Your Children Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Posted on 12/7/2016 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
Young child learning to brush his teeth

What your dentist in Rockland County wants you to know

You want your children to grow into healthy adults. Did you know that your children’s oral health can play an important part in staying healthy? That’s because your mouth is partly responsible for good digestion, which is vital to overall health. You don’t just want your children to have healthy smiles; you want your children to have beautiful smiles too. Dr. Michael Bleyzer in Rockland County, NY wants to help you teach your children good oral hygiene habits.

Your children are never too young to suffer from tooth decay. Primary teeth can get cavities the minute they erupt into your child’s mouth. That’s because the mouth contains millions of harmful bacteria that form bacterial plaque. The plaque can produce an acid that is strong enough to eat away at tooth enamel, causing a cavity. That’s why it’s so important to teach good brushing habits at an early age.

Dr. Bleyzer wants you to:

- Teach your child to brush after meals and before bedtime.
- Use a small amount of toothpaste, no bigger than the size of a pea and tell your child not to swallow the toothpaste. The easiest method is to stand behind your child, both of you facing a mirror.
- Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush your child’s teeth in a circular motion, to clean along the gumline and reach all surfaces of the teeth. Then, have your child demonstrate the technique back to you.
- You and your child may want to check out electric or sonic toothbrushes. There are many child-friendly models that make it easy for your child to like tooth brushing.

Flossing is best taught when your child is around the age of 4. Your child should watch you flossing your teeth and then demonstrate the technique back to you. Age 8 is the perfect time for your child to be flossing independently.

When you teach your child good oral hygiene habits, you are helping to ensure healthy, beautiful smiles for life. Dr. Bleyzer wants to partner with you to take care of your children’s smiles. For more information on children’s oral care, call Dr. Bleyzer in Rockland County, NY, serving the people of Stony Point and Pomona, NY. Help your children to a lifetime of dazzling smiles by calling today!
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