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Give Your Child a Good Start to a Lifetime of Healthy Teeth

Posted on 8/14/2018 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
Mother and child brushing their teethWe all desire to give children the best of everything- a loving family, a stable home, great health. That includes bright, vibrant smiles that will last a lifetime. Dr. Michael Bleyzer, family dentist in Pomona, Rockland County, and Stony Point, NY makes your children a priority in his long-standing dental practice. A family man himself, he offers preventive and restorative services for the very youngest of patients in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Your child will be totally at ease as he or she learns the basics of oral health and receives care that is second to none.

A gentle start

Dr. Bleyzer and his staff ask to see all their patients, regardless of age, twice a year for complete oral exams and hygienic cleanings. This includes babies and toddlers. In fact, bring your little one to Dr. Bleyzer as soon as that first baby tooth erupts (at around six to eight months). He'll take a quick look at how your child's teeth and gums are doing and recommend:
- Wiping little mouths with clean, moistened gauze after each feeding
Brushing new teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush (no fluoride until after age two)
- Avoiding giving infants and toddlers milk or juice in a bottle at bedtime (to avoid decay)
- Weaning a child off pacifiers and thumb-sucking as soon as it is feasible

Then, as the child matures, he or she will see the dentist every six months- just like Mom and Dad- for cleanings, exams, and X-rays as needed. It's important to prevent accumulation of sticky plaque and hard tartar so teeth stay cavity-free and gums are pink and intact.

Continuing family dentistry in Pomona, Rockland County, and Stony Point through childhood

Those 20 baby teeth give way to 28 adult teeth by the time your youngster reaches the teen years. Primary teeth are important placeholders. Not only do they help your child eat and speak normally, they also affect facial development and usher adult teeth into their proper sites.

So protect them as recommended by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD):
- Use fluoride toothpaste over the age of two
- Get supplemental fluoride treatments as advised by Dr. Bleyzer (varnishes, drops or tablets)
- Get plastic sealants, coatings simply applied in the office to deeply grooved back teeth

Additionally, if your child is active in sports, please ask your family dentist what custom-made appliance may be appropriate for him or her. The AAPD says that oral appliances even protect children (and adults) from severe head injuries.

Remember, too, that Dr. Bleyzer and his team are available for emergency calls. So when the unexpected happens to your youngster, contact the office right away for advice and an appointment as needed.

Start good habits now

Good dental habits help ensure many healthy, happy smiles for years. Contact Dr. Bleyzer for the best family dentistry in Pomona, Rockland County and Stony Point, NY. Call (845) 429-8060.
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