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How Regular Teeth Cleanings Keep Your Smile Healthy

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
Drawing of a tooth getting cleanedIt's not always easy to work dental appointments into your busy schedule, but keeping those twice-yearly teeth cleaning appointments is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. Dr. Michael Bleyzer, your Pomona, Stony Point and Rockland County, NY dentist, explains how regular cleanings protect your smile.

Dental cleanings eliminate plaque, the invisible enemy

You may not be able to see plaque, but you can feel it. Have you ever noticed that your teeth feel a little sticky or rough when you run your tongue over them? Plaque is to blame. The colorless film builds up on your teeth every day and can affect your dental health if it's not removed regularly. When you eat, a reaction between the bacteria in plaque and the sugars in foods triggers the release of acids. These acids damage your tooth enamel and cause cavities.

Even if you're a committed brusher and flosser, you may still miss some area of plaque, particularly if some of your teeth overlap. Dental cleanings remove plaque from hard-to-reach spots and prevent it from causing cavities.

Regular cleanings target tartar

Unlike plaque, tartar can be seen on your teeth. The hard deposit forms when plaque isn't removed and looks yellow or brown. It's not only unsightly, but can also increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. Tartar often forms at the base of your gums, causing them to become red or irritated. If you've ever noticed that your teeth bleed easily when you brush them, you may have tartar build-up. Tartar is so hard that you can't remove it with a toothbrush or floss. Luckily, your dentist has special tools that can chip away tartar before it can damage your teeth or gums.

If tartar isn't removed, it eventually grows beneath your gums on the roots of your teeth. When this happens, the gums begin to recede and pull away from teeth. Deep pockets form around your teeth. The bacteria in the pockets eventually loosens your teeth and even damages your jawbone if you don't receive gum disease treatment. Luckily, gum disease caused by tartar build up can be easily prevented by visiting your dentist every six months for dental cleanings.

Is it time for your next dental cleaning? Call Dr. Bleyzer, your Pomona, Stony Point and Rockland County, NY dentist, at (845) 429-8060 to schedule an appointment. Protect your dental health with regular cleanings.
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