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Dental Implants Are the Long-Term Tooth Loss Solution

Posted on 8/15/2018 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
3D model of a dental implant in the jawWhether their tooth loss is due to trauma, poor oral hygiene or the side effects of a medical condition, Stony Point residents have several options for tooth replacement when they visit Michael V. Bleyzer, DDS for family dentistry. Of these options, which typically include dental implants, dentures and bridges, dental implants are generally the best long-term solution for tooth loss for most people. Here are four reasons why.

Dental Implants are Permanent

Dentures typically last between five and seven years, while dental bridges typically last between five and fifteen years. Dental implants, on the other hand, are designed to last a lifetime. Save yourself the time and hassle of having your bridge or dentures replaced time and time again by visiting Dr. Bleyzer for permanent dental implants the first time.

Dental Implants Help Protect Your Teeth and Jaws

Your teeth don't just help you chew, speak and smile; they also help preserve your teeth and jaws. Opt for dentures and your jaw bone can actually shrink and change shape without teeth to support. Opt for a dental bridge, and you'll have to sacrifice the surrounding teeth to have the bridge attached. Choose dental implants, however, and your teeth and jaws will remain strong and healthy.

Dental Implants are Reliable

Dentures have a reputation for slipping, sliding and even falling out, and the problem only worsens the older the dentures are. Save yourself this embarrassment by choosing dental implants from your local Stony Point dentist instead. Because dental implants are a family dentistry solution that is securely anchored to the jawbone, they will always stay right where they belong.

Dental Implants are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleaning dentures and bridges can be a hassle. Dentures must be removed overnight to soak, increasing the chances you'll drop them, break them or forget them. Bridges can be difficult to get completely clean, and typically require special floss. With dental implants, however, no special cleaning or maintenance routine is required. Simply brush, rinse and floss as normal.

While not every Stony Point resident who wants dental implants qualifies for them, if you do qualify for this type of family dentistry, it is definitely worth checking out. Call Dr. Bleyzer to set up an appointment to discuss your options today!
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