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Don't Ignore Your Toothache

Posted on 9/19/2018 by Michael Bleyzer, DDS
Woman with a toothache at the dentistAre you hoping that your toothache will magically go away? That ache is sending you a signal that something is wrong. Ignore it and you tooth painmay pay the consequences. Dr. Michael Bleyzer, your Pomona, NY, dentist explains why you should never ignore tooth pain.

What causes tooth pain?

Toothaches occur when tooth decay irritates the nerves in the pulp at the center of your tooth. The throbbing pain can be constant, may come and go, or may worsen when you bite or chew. You may notice that the pain is worse at night, or that you've become sensitive to foods and drinks that are hot or cold.

Cavities increase your sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures because the acids that cause tooth decay eat away your tooth enamel. The enamel covers dentin, the layer of your tooth that encases your pulp. Tiny tunnels thread their way through the dentin and transfer nerve impulses to the pulp. Without that protective layer of enamel in place, you feel pain when your teeth are expose to temperature extremes.

Why ignoring a toothache is a bad idea

Most bad things don't go away on their own, and toothaches are no exception. The longer you wait to see your dentist, the larger your cavity will grow and the bigger filling you'll need. When your cavity is large, your dentist will need to remove a significant amount of the inner portion of your tooth to remove the decay. Unfortunately, that procedure will weaken the tooth and make it more likely to break. You'll probably need a filling and a crown to stabilize your tooth. If you visit your dentist when you first notice toothache pain, you may only need a relatively small filling.

Vanishing pain is never a good sign

Although tooth pain doesn't usually go away once it starts, there is one instance in which it can end suddenly. Sometimes, pain ends when you have a dental abscess, and the nerve in the tooth dies. Although the pain may be gone, the infection remains. Ignoring it could mean that the bacteria from the abscess enters your bloodstream and causes problems in other parts of your body. Call your dentist immediately if you notice any abscess signs, such as redness around the tooth, an open sore, a pimple on the gum near the tooth, severe pain, swelling in your face or jaw, swollen glands or a fever.

Your dentist can put an end to toothache pain. Call Dr. Michael Bleyzer, your Pomona, NY, dentist at (845) 429-8060 to schedule an appointment.
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